The team behind Bambi and Daisy!

Meet the owner, Talita!

Since my childhood I have had a passion for sewing and creating things with my hands. When I was 8, my mother showed me how to use her sewing machine to make some clothes for my Barbie Dolls. Since then my passion only grew!

My journey however took a detour… I studied and became a CA, finishing my articles in 2016. While working full time I started Bambi as a side-line business.

In 2017 I decided to take the plunge and pursue my passion full time with Bambi & Daisy! I opened the online store in the same year as my first baby girl was born. The love for baby and kids accessories started from there… In 2019 I had my second girl and the product range grew even more!!

Today we are a team of 4 ladies! My vision for Bambi is to grow the business in order to create more work for ladies that share my passion.

I am excited to see what the future holds for us… I want to thank every mommy that supports us! Without you, this dream we are pursuing will not be possible!

Our Seamstresses!

They work tirelessly to get your order made up as quickly as possible while ensuring it adheres to our creative and quality standards.

Meet Paulina!

I’m born in a family of 9 and I’m the sixth child after my brothers and sisters. My mother was a tailor and she passed her knowledge on to my older sister whom passed it on to me.

Though my mentors have passed away I still carry on with the legacy they have left me.

I have completed matric in 2001, my dream was to become a nurse but our finances weren’t enough for me to pursue that dream. God had other plans for my life.

I kept on tailoring at home until someone whom loved my work (Tiny), introduced me to Talita whom is my Boss.

Talita extended my passion by teaching me other new things. She is happy with the results I produce which makes me ecstatic also.

The reason why I love my job is it brings out the inner child in me, hence I sometimes sit with my two daughters and teach them and tell them where I got this from and how I wish my mother was still here to see me prospering and maybe do my own thing in years to come.

My motto: I am happy where I am because the only way to do great things is to love what you do.

Meet Palesa!

I love clothes and sewing, it is my passion and I just love what I am doing. And making clothings for kids makes me happy coz I love kids and it is so amazing and wonderful that we get to make cute items for kids here at Bambi and Daisy.

I got to learn so much here and I will be forever grateful to such an amazing, patient and wonderful Boss who inspires me always. I love working here, I love what I am doing, my Boss and colleagues, it is just so refreshing for me!

Meet Elizabeth, our Cutter!

I love working here because I love my job because I am willing to learn more things and I am grateful and happy to have a wonderful boss. I am happy to have this job because it helps me a lot. It’s an honour to be in this company and I am looking forward to bigger dreams and greater things in this company.

I love being here, it gives me courage and strength not to give up in life. And I love skills that I get and learning new things everyday. And to my colleagues for working hard and making a success in this company.

I appreciate everything and I am looking forward to a bigger company. I feel good and blessed!

Our Team at work